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Lot No: 3
EST - $1200-1600
SOLD - $2300.00
Victorian oak silver plate mounted stationery box of Boxer Rebellion and Australian interest, the top with three hinged compartments and with a carrying handle, the front of the box with plaque 'To Captain Williams of the good ship 'Chingtu Transport' No 106 with the best wishes of the Officers of the N.S.W. Naval Contingent 1901', width 31cm - Captain James E Williams was the Commander of the steamer Chingtu in the service of the China Navigation Company which was involved in trade between China and Australia. The Chingtu was employed as a troop ship in 1901 to bring back the Australian naval contingent from the Boxer Rebellion in Tientsin to Sydney via Hong Kong. On arrival in Sydney the ship was placed in quarantine as one of the Australians was found to have cholera. Prior to the end of the quaratine period a total of 7 case developed including the Third Officer of the Chingtu. One of the cases proved fatal