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Lot No: 14
EST - $20-40
SOLD - $60.00
Lot of four important books dealing with Indian and Islamic Weapons to include: i) Robinson, F. Atlas of the Islamic World since 1500. 1991. Large soft cover. 238, many plates and maps, ii) Pant, G.N. Indian Arms and Armour Volume 1 (Pre and Protohistoric Weapons and Archery) 1978. Large hardcover. 184 pages plus 89 plates. A major and essential reference. Long out of print, iii) Rogers, J.M. and Ward, R.W. Suleyman the Magnificent. 1988. Large hardcover. 224 pages, 164 very fine colour plates. A major reference on Ottoman art, arms and armour of the period of Sultan Suleyman (1494-1566). Long out of print and iv) Rawson, P.S. The Indian Sword. 1967. The original soft cover edition. 184 pages, 72 fine plates. A choice copy of this major and essential reference. Long out of print.