Firearms & Weapons

Vickers & Hoad are NSW Licenced Firearms Dealers 411125035  All categories 

The Australian National Fire Arms Amnesty is currently open and we are accepting un licenced and un registered firearms of any type

If you wish to surrender or sell post us taking in under amnesty conditions. Please call Sydney (2) 96997887 or email our Sydney office

Southern Highlands call or email Colin Vickers or 0412447505  


Wednesday 4th May - Collection

Any unlicensed firearm items will need to be collected by 4pm Friday 6th May. If there are licensed firearm items, we understand that PTA’s need to be obtained should you not have a dealers licence. We are happy to hold the item for three weeks if a PTA is required after the auction without storage fees. Please note that any collection for licensed firearms post the Friday 6th May will require an appointment to be made. If you turn up without an appointment you may be turned away. For appointments, please email


Unfortunately, due to logistical issues / changes, we are no longer able to ship firearms as of April 2022.


Militaria and Weapons Auction 

Now accepting Entries of future Firearms- Antique firearms, edged weapons and General Militaria 

Expert Sergio Zampatti is available by appointment to appraise and catalogue collections  

Please call our Sydney office to make to an appointment (02) 96997887