How to bid


In order to bid, you must complete a registration form. For first time bidders, you will need to show proof of identification, with a current address in the form of a drivers licence or utility bill. We do this as part of our due diligence.

You can register at any time over viewing or auction days. Once a registration form has been completed and submitted to our offices, you are issued with a bidding number. There is no cost involved with registration.

Alternatively, you can register on our website for online bidding.

Successful bids

If you bid successfully for an item in the room, the auctioneer will ask to sight this number and that item will be recorded against your profile. It is important to remember that there is a 22% buyers premium on top of the hammer price (ie. 22% more than what you bid) + GST (total 24.20% including GST).

Online bidders through Easy Live incurs an extra 3% or 3 pound fee per auction.

Online bidders through Invaluable incurs an extra 5% service fee per lot (27% + GST).

(subject to change)


Payment can be made almost immediately after bidding for an item.
We currently accept:

  • Cash
  • Cheques 
  • Bank Transfers
  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only)

Credit card transactions incur a fee:

  • VISA = 1.47%
  • MasterCard = 1.35%

International bank transfers incur $25AUD fee.

All online transfers must use the following account - Vickers & Hoad Client Trust Account - BSB 082 356 / Number 55001 3359 / Swift NAT AAU 3302S / Transfer description - bidder's last name

Once payment is received you will be issued an invoice and a collection sheet.

Collecting your items

Items can be collected at any time after payment has been made, given that a staff member is available and the delivery does not interfere with the running of the auction. Payment and collection must be made within three business working days following the auction. Storage fees apply after this time.

We will provide assistance with moving, packing and materials WHEN AVAILABLE but it is recommended that you arrange your own.

We can provide the contact details of good carriers if required.

Absentee, phone and online bidding

If you can’t be present but would still like to bid, you can place an absentee bid, register for phone bidding or use our online bidding system.

Phone bidding - form here

You will be eligible for phone bidding on lots with a low-end estimate of $300 or more. You must provide contact details including identification, the item number/s and descriptions. When the auctioneer is approaching the particular lot number, a staff member will phone and you can instruct them to bid on your behalf. The deadline for registering for phone bids is the commencement of the auction. They will not be accepted after this time.

Absentee bidding - form here

If you don't wish to bid over the phone, or if you are not eligible for phone bidding, you can submit an 'Absentee Bid' form. Again, you must provide contact details, lot numbers and descriptions. In addition, you must nominate an amount indicating the maximum price you're prepared to pay for the item.

The auctioneer will start the bidding low and bid on your behalf until the price has reached your nominated amount. If bidding doesn't reach this amount, you win the item for the price at which the bidding ceased.

You can place an absentee bid at any time, as long as you allow enough time for the form to be recorded and relayed to the auctioneer, approx 50 lots.

If successful, you will be contacted on the following business working day after the auction. You can call earlier if you desire however we cannot guarantee the results will be available.

Online bidding

Online bidding is also available on our site here.