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____________________Regional Salerooms____________

Its About Time

Vickers & Hoad set to open new Regional Salerooms

Some good news for our clients in the Hunter valley

The Vickers & Hoad Family are pleased to announce the establishment of our first Regional Saleroom.  The new Hunter Valley saleroom is a very Special project in conjunction with an important Australian company. This new client friendly site, will have loads of parking, cafe, and other facilities to be announced at a later date.

Details released Soon

_____________July Antiques, Collectables & Estate Auction

Antiques, Collectables & Local Estate Auction

Saturday 16th July & Sunday 17th July


Thursday 14th 10am - 5pm
Friday 15th 10am - 5pm
Saturday 16th 9am - 11am
Sunday 17th 9am - 11am

Antique & vintage, French & English furniture, antique farm house tables, a good selection of chandeliers, bookcases, antique fireplace, antique French beds & armoires, numerous country tables, French drawer leaf tables, sets of chairs, numerous arm chairs, a good selection of antique mirrors, display cabinets, affordable art, numerous sideboards, array of French wall lights, mirrors, nightstands, commodes, full size vintage child mannequin, tapestries, wine tables, coffers, floor screens, French butchers blocks, antique French bakers racks, numerous antique desks to include partnership examples, bracket clocks, antique gilt bronze spelter figures & figural clocks, antique French rustic kitchenalia, antique & vintage scales, antique French cast-iron stove, antique oil lamps, antique boxes, collection of vintage French coloured glass siphons, old wire baskets, tapestries, antique French copper cookware, antique bronzes, collectable porcelain, oriental decorative art, collection of silver & silver plate, old bells, appliques, outdoor & garden furniture, wine racks, garden tables, antique garden tables & cast iron garden urns & much more.

Entries Close soon

Ph. Sydney (2) 96997887

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______________________Saleroom Notice

Vickers & Hoad Saleroom Notice - We no longer accept Chinese or South East Asian items unless proof of owner ship or purchase provenance is supplied. Collections that have a proven time frame of acquisition, will be judged on previous purchase history. All items deemed modern copies, manufactured to deceive or copy a previous period of Chinese culture will be catalogued as that (decorative only) with no date or guarantee of age. Buyers must make up there own minds on the age of such items. No age mentioned in the description in our opinion the item is new or of little age. . We admit we were fooled in the past and we have lost clients. Vickers & Hoad  wish to try to introduce only genuine antiques or fine quality items in our special auctions only. Finding genuine period & marked Oriental antiques in the Australian market place is quite rare.

Caveat Emptor

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________________Militaria & Weapons Auction


Now accepting entries - call 02 9699 7887

For single owner / collections of Militaria & Weapons, contact specialist Sergio Zampatti on 02 9699 7887 to make an appointment Licenced NSW Firearms Dealers

More details to be released soon

(02) 9699 7887

__________________Vickers & Hoad Auctioneers

Separating Fact from Fiction

Vickers & Hoad Auctioneers are Australia's leading supplier of real French antique & vintage furniture & collectables, sourced & sent directly by our agents in Europe with regular 40ft container shipments. These antiques and collectables are sold on behalf of our agents with auctions held every 2 to 3 weeks at our Waterloo premises. We also conduct special quarterly Directors' Selection auctions, which feature rare & unique items, selected from local and international estates & collections.

Vickers & Hoad Auctioneers and Valuers Sydney

Vickers & Hoad are planning an unprecedented series of auctions for 2016. If you would like to keep up to date on our plans - please subscribe to our Newsletter and enter your name & email to receive details about forthcoming auctions. If you wish to sell with one of Australia's best auction venues - look no further. For appraisals, estates and large consignments please call to make an appointment with one of our Valuers on (02) 9699 7887.